How to Build a Full-Stack Chrome Extension with NodeJS and MongoDB

Build a Full-Stack Chrome Extension with NodeJS and MongoDB that Scrapes Amazon Search Results

What you'll learn

  • How to Build a Chrome Extension
  • How To Scrape Web Data with Your Chrome Extension
  • How to Select Elements in the DOM via Your ContentJS Script
  • How To Handle AJAX Requests from Your Background to Your Server
  • The Chrome Extension Messaging API - How To Pass Data Between Different Elements of Your Chrome Extension (Popup->Content->Background->Server...)
  • How to Setup The NodeJS Server, Routes, and Backend API For Your Extension
  • How to Manage Amazon Product Data with MongoDB
  • How To Accept User Input From A Chrome Extension
  • How to Persist User Login Data and Other User-Related Data Within the Background Page's Local Storage
  • Best Practices To Keeping Your Chrome Extension Code Clean, Bug Free, and Highly Extendable
  • Organizing your Popup, Content and Background Pages


In this course, we'll be developing a new Full-Stack Chrome Extension that Scrapes Amazon, and automatically saves Product Data within a MongoDB Database.

Our finished product (which you'll be able to publish to the Chrome Store) will be a Chrome Extension that enables any user to Scrape their own Amazon Purchase History, the results of any Amazon Search URL, or the results of multiple Amazon Search Keywords - one after the next.

Code Samples Included All Along Your Path To Mastering Chrome Extension Development

The Technology Stack you'll be dealing with in this course:

  • Chrome Extension

  • AngularJS (for the Chrome Extension Popup)

  • jQuery *(for interacting with the Amazon DOM)

  • NodeJS Server

  • Mongo Database

The Functionality For the Chrome Extension:

Signup and Login via the Popup View

Select Elements From The DOM with the Content.js Page

Scrape Your Own Amazon Purchase History

Scrape Amazon Search Results of a Given Page

Scrape Amazon Search Results of Multiple Keywords (one after the next automatically)

Save The Amazon Product Title

Save The Amazon Product Description

Save The Amazon Product Image

Save The Amazon Product Reviews

Save The Product Rating

Save The Amount of Ratings of a Given Product

Make The Chrome Extension Automatically Navigate Through All Pages of Search Results

While developing this awesome sample project, you'll learn:

a) How To Scrape Any Data From The Web Programatically via the Power of Chrome Extensions

b) The Manifest.json File

c) The Popup.js File

c) The Background.js File

d) The Content.js File

e) How To Debug Your Chrome Extension

Getting the architecture of your Chrome Extension right is super crucial to keeping your code clean and structured! We'll be covering lots of considerations when building a Full-Stack Chrome Extension.

I built this course because all of the other Chrome Extension courses on Udemy don't go quite as deep (compare the Amount of Hours this course provides relative to the competitors), and because Chrome Extensions are like the surf-suit for websurfers - users can take them with them anywhere they go on the web.

If you're excited about the Awesome Power of Chrome Extensions and Web Scraping, then I hope you get a lot out of this course.

The Architecture is meant to be re-usable no matter what type of Chrome Extension / Web Scraper you'd like to build, so feel to reach out if you need help taking the codebase in your own direction, or if you have any questions along the way.

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